Arborist Tree Care

What is an Arborist?

An arborist is a person who has spent considerable amount of time studying tree care, tree growth, tree removal, tree pruning, tree removal and tree trimming. They are also experts on many aspects of tree care including tree removal. Some arborists are certified in tree removal, tree trimming, tree planting/planning, tree care testing, stump removal, tree trimming, tree removal and tree care. Their services are used by homeowners, city planners, state agencies, private landscape companies, businesses, and public agencies to name a few. They perform work that requires specialized training and tools.

What is an arborist




Carlos with Budget Tree Service PSL ( (772) 227-1610) says there are several tree care services that tree care arborists provide. One of which is tree removal. This involves removing dead, sick, or damaged trees, branches, or trees that have grown too large for their surroundings. The process of tree removal involves cutting down the tree, handling the pruning, and disposal of sawdust or dead leaves. The arborist should make sure to dispose of the materials correctly, as leaving them behind could pose a danger to anyone walking beneath it such as children or pets.

Other tree care services include tree planting/planting. This involves the care, pruning, thinning, and establishing of new trees. The planted tree can be used for shade, wildlife habitat, or beautification. The tree removal process involves the disposal of dead tree limbs, uprooting of tree roots, tree cutting, and removal of soil or ground vegetation. These services are also provided by arborists.

Besides tree removal and tree trimming, tree care specialists also provide services such as tree care maintenance. This involves the regular cleaning and pruning of trees to enhance tree health. They can also provide tree transplant services and tree removal in cases when tree growth is too much. A tree removal service is most commonly used in commercial and residential projects where demolition is required. However, there are some homeowners who opt for tree trimming instead of tree removal, especially if they are growing flowers or bushes on their own.

Trees play a vital role in the environment as they provide habitat for various species of wildlife and provide cooling shade during summer months. Some of the tree species have become endangered because of their habitat. Some of the trees that have been forced to make way for housing development or planned projects include but are not limited to, spruces, sycamore, oaks, maples, pines, cedars, elms, oaks, plums, junipers, tamarindos, Aspen, spruces, hollies, quirsuses, banyan, and cypress. The National Park Service lists some of the tree species threatened or affected by habitat loss. In order to save these tree species, arborists must be hired who practice tree care.


Why Winter Is The Best Time To Trim A Tree?

Why winter is the best time to trim a tree

Why winter is the best time to trim a tree? Because winter is the tree’s off-season. While pruning in the summer can be an enjoyable time, trimming a tree in the winter months is extremely beneficial as tree growth is inhibited during this time. Additionally, tree pruning in the winter months helps to ensure that the tree will remain strong and healthy through the long cold months ahead.

The benefits of tree pruning are well known. Trees are able to supply food, shade and protection during the winter months. As the tree production and storage capacity decrease, tree health declines. When tree services are called in, tree pruning becomes necessary to determine tree health before winter makes it too late to save a tree that could easily be damaged if left unattended.

A tree is trained into a certain position by a trained arborist. Tree services are necessary for early tree pruning because the winter climate damages young trees that are not yet established. If a tree is not established, it is important to cut it earlier to allow room for growth.

One way that tree experts determine when to cut a tree is by looking at how the tree looks during cold weather. If the tree is covered with snow, branches will not grow out to help support the weight of the tree weight. This means that tree pruning is necessary to prevent damage to the tree and its environment. In addition, trees that are allowed to grow without being trimmed may eventually die from exposure to winter winds or freezing temperatures. It is also possible for trees that are left unattended during the winter to rot due to lack of water or oxygen.

The majority of people wait until the last few winter months to do any tree pruning. This is because they have already tied down their trees and moved their houses during the warmer months. When trees are left to grow and develop without being attended to, they can face health problems, decay, and other problems. As well, if trees are not pruned, they may not survive through the winter months.

Trees that need to be trimmed in the winter months should be inspected by a tree expert before they are cut down. This is to ensure that the tree’s health is not threatened and to ensure that other tree maintenance activities like tree felling and tree removal will not negatively impact the tree. Trimming trees is necessary because it provides space for growth. It also allows for new shoots to reach the tree’s crown.


Burden Lake Country Club Averill Park

Burden Lake Country Club is a championship 18 hole, par 71 golf course located in Averill Park, NY (10 miles from Troy and 15 miles from Albany). Built-in the 1920″s as part of the famous Totem Lodge Resort the course operates as a semi-private country club. We have a grass tee driving range for practice and golf instruction from our PGA staff. Our pro shop offers the latest equipment and apparel from Callaway, Ping, Taylor Made, Adidas, NIKE, and Izod. Public play is welcome, so please call ahead (518-674-1770) for a tee time.We are open in the winter for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Our clubhouse with its bar and restaurant, called Jack Kelly’s Tavern by the Green Restaurant, is open year-round for dining and socializing. Tom Choquette, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, brings 20 + years of head chef experience to Burden Lake Country Club. We can accommodate weddings, bridal showers, golf outings, and private parties. Call or stop by for information.

Golf Course News

2014 Simulator Deals & Fall/Winter Leagues
The Golf Simulators are now operational in the Restaurant as of mid-October.  We hope to have good weather through November with some nice days to still get out on the Course and play but you can figure on some bad days and early sunsets to shorten the days.  The Golf Simulators are a great tool to work on your game year-round.  You can play 9 or 18 holes or just hit balls on the range.  The Golf Courses that are available range from Scotland to Dubai and a variety in Canada and the United States.  There are over 30 courses to choose from and the Simulators can be programmed to the type of game you want to play.The Hourly Rate is $35 per hour and we also offer a variety of packages.  The most popular package is the Traditional, which gets you 3 hours of Simulator time plus a $15 food voucher for just $100.  Four players can finish 18 holes in 3 hours moving at a decent pace.   The Contemporary package gets you 4 hours on the Simulator for a foursome that wants to take their time.  You can also use 2 hours at a time and just play nine holes.  The “Golf Bug” package is $275.  This package gets you 10 hours on the Simulator plus a $25 food voucher.  The “Golf Pro” package is the best deal with 20 hours on the Simulator plus a $75 food voucher for just $500.  This package gets four players ten 9-hole rounds to be used over the Winter season.The Simulators are reserved up to a week in advance.  If you would like to plan a Tournament we have packages available for 12 to 60 players.  Leagues are being formed for Monday through Thursday plus daytime.  We have a couple of leagues forming already and looking forward to a busy Winter season.  We offer Members other specials and our Golf Pro, Brian Hampson also offers lessons on the Simulators if you want to work on your game.

New Course Layout Completed
Construction of the new Hole on the back nine is complete!  We have placed 60,000 square feet of sod on the fairway and we have seeded the remaining areas. Construction was done on old #13 which will now be the new #10.  The Hole now plays 375 yards from the blue tee, 330 yards from the white tee, and 310 yards from the gold/red tees.

You will play the back nine following the same order but starting with old #13 as the new #10, #14 becomes #11, #15 becomes #12, and so on.  Finishing on old #12 as the 18th Hole will be the best part of the layout change.  The old #10, 11, and 12 will be a great finishing stretch.  The old layout finished on back-to-back Par 3’s, leaving a slim chance of picking up shots in a match.  Now there will be a lot of opportunities to come from behind and win a match.  We hope you will be as happy with the new layout as we are!